Frank on the Issues

Frank on the Issues

Fixing Congress

The inaction and the endless bickering of our leaders in Congress are hurting communities like ours. They follow their own version of the Golden Rule (those with the gold make the rules), and that’s not the kind of leadership we need. We need to bring our values to Washington–decency, kindness, hard work, and taking care of each other. To accomplish this, we’ll need to change the faces in Congress. Special Interest money and lobbyists have ruined Washington and control Congress, locking our voice out of the most important decisions made. I will fight to get corporate money OUT of Congress and make sure our voices and our values are heard. I will work to reverse Citizens United and create meaningful campaign finance reforms.

Empowering Our Schools

My mom worked as a librarian in public schools and I am a proud graduate of our public schools. Our schools not only prepare our children for the jobs of today and the future, they also attract investment and jobs to our communities. As a former school board member, I can tell you that our teachers are doing a great job, but they need more help. We must raise teachers up, not tear them down. In Congress, I will work to get the resources our children need. I will fight to bring federal funding back to our schools and work with our state legislators to support our school systems and raise our teacher’s pay.

More Affordable Healthcare

The cost of healthcare remains sky high. Prescription costs continue to climb, hurting seniors and those most in need. It’s a sad day when I see a simple Epi-Pen that a child needs cost $600 while the executives of that company make millions off of the very medication that could save a child’s life. I am fighting to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, by ending the law that keeps our government from negotiating with drug companies on Medicare prices.

Social Security & Medicare

It’s outrageous that Congress has driven our country into another $1.5 trillion in debt by providing tax cuts to the rich and their powerful friends at the expense of our seniors and poor. A tax giveaway is no excuse to cut Social Security and Medicare. I will fight to uphold the promises we’ve made to our seniors, working families, and children and to protect these important programs.

Economic Development

As the owner of a small business, I understand that it takes hard work to create good jobs in small town communities. It also takes smart investments in the infrastructure that businesses need to operate. As Congressman, I will promote rural economic development policies that create good-paying jobs right here in North Carolina. I will work with our leaders in North Carolina to help community colleges provide programs we need to bring manufacturing jobs back to struggling communities hurt by outsourcing. I will also fight for new federal investments in our roads and expand rural broadband access for communities across the district. Instead of creating tax giveaways for the rich and powerful special interests, I will make sure we provide our small businesses with the resources they need to grow.

Veterans & Military Families

Too often, our commitment to soldiers stops when they leave the military and doesn’t extend to their spouses and family. We need to invest in improving veterans’ health care, because their service demands our thank you in more than words. I want to ensure our commitment to our soldiers extends beyond their service, not at their discharge. Also, I want to ensure military spouses can contribute to our communities with their skills and education. Through longer base assignments and services like after school and employment services, we can support our families and our economy.

On Guns

I support the 2nd Amendment. I am a life-long gun owner, and I also believe that Congress needs to have an open and honest conversation about gun safety in our country, just as our communities are having here in the district. Our children should be safe in our schools, and no one should fear going into a church or movie theatre because someone has a gun. That’s why I support common-sense solutions to gun violence, such as instituting universal background checks, expanded gun safety training, and preventing people on terrorist watch lists and convicted domestic abusers from buying guns. And it’s time Congress listens to our citizens, not lobbyists for gun manufacturers.

Equality for All

Everyone should be treated with equal respect and treatment under the law and in our workplaces. We have seen laws that discriminate against minorities in our communities, from voting rights to equal access to public facilities. Not only does our constitution guarantee equal protection under the law, we need to be bringing together, not dividing, our communities. That’s why I will stand up against discriminatory and unfair legislation that hurts our citizens, and protect the rights of all.

Standing Up for Women

All women deserve to be treated with fairness and respect. In my business, I’ve built a culture of fairness and equality. Here, our employees are treated like family. For us, equal pay for equal work isn’t a political slogan, it’s how I run my business. I will stand up for women in Congress, to ensure Equal Pay for Equal Work is the rule. Finally, it’s time we end sexual harassment of women, and I will work to make Congress lead the way to protect women across our communities.

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